Welcome Kindred! We are glad you are interested in your healing and wholeness. This offering is for BLACK people who identify as transgender, people of trans experience, non-binary, non-cis gender non-conforming people, two spirit, intersex, gender queer, or any other non-binary gender identity. All wellness services are FREE, some are individual and some are small group, and ALL the practitioners identify as BLKTrans* folks. We can't wait to here from you! 


Emanuel H. Brown
Emanuel is an Embodied Freedom Practioner, trained in somatic practices by Generative Somatics, their ancestors, and spiritual mentors Margaret Benson Thompson, and Medicine Woman gina Breedlove. Emanuel's work help you access freedom from the inside out through breath, meditation, visualization and honoring the wisdom of the body.
Ignacio G Hutía Xeiti Rivera
Ignacio is a cultural sociologist with expertise in sexual trauma, healing, and liberation for marginalized people. They are an internationally known gender non-conforming speaker, trainer, and consultant. Ignacio uses they/them/their is the Founder and Executive Director at The HEAL Project.
Jas is a Black Trans-Non Binary abolitionist grower/farmer and plant-medicine maker; second-generation born and raised in South Central-Los Angeles, occupied Tongva territory. They have been in practice with plant medicine/herbalism for the past 6 years through programs at Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, apprenticeship at the Earthlodge Center for Transformation and through persxnal praxis.
Myka T. Johnson
Myka is a healer, radical abolitionist and a recent yoga teacher graduate from Charlotte, N.C. Myka was one of the core organizers of Charlotte Uprising in which she trained folx for direct actions,she facilitated Black healing spaces in collaboration with House of Pentacles and has helped inform our communities on what it means to keep each other safe. Myka's interests include mindfulness, redistributing resources to BTGNC folx, and collective liberation.
Spirit McIntyre
Spirit (Spirit, They, Them) is a Cellist, Vocalist, Lyricist, Wellness Advocate, Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner, and Visual Artist who promotes empowerment and healing by any medium necessary. Spirit believes in the importance of breath, the power of deep listening and holding space for complex emotions, healing intergenerational trauma, honoring lovability, being seen/seeing; and intentionally employs these beliefs in SpiritWerks.
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