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Upcoming Events

  • Black Love Convergence: A  Virtual Experience
  • Queering Yoga to Liberate All
    Sun, Jul 09
    The Well
    Infusing yoga practice with the unifying and joyous spirit of pride, this workshop will help us understand more deeply how yoga has always been a queer practice, and why queering spaces can lead to collective liberation for all.
  • Intuitive Art Meditation
    Tue, Jul 11
    The Well
    Together we will create a space to come back to self and heal through creative expression, utilizing a bit of whatever you have. This space will be for those good vibes and connection to the multidimensional being within us all.
  • In Celebration of Black August: Destruction and Creation Reiki
    Thu, Aug 10
    The Well
    This Reiki workshop will tap into the power of Black collective rage as a catalyst for change. Where there is death and destruction, there is also life and creation.
  • In Celebration of Black August: The Wheel of Consent
    Sun, Aug 13
    The Well
    The Wheel of Consent helps empower us to make better choices: to be in touch with our inner "yesses" and "nos".
  • In Celebration of Black August: Art as Activism: Exploring Black Feminist Values
    Thu, Aug 24
    The Well
    Join our open session celebrating the lives of and exploring the black queer feminist values of Miss Major and Charlene Carruthers. We'll reflect on the powerful words of these women, focusing on black queer feminist themes and values of “living through a lens” and “care work as community work”.
  • In Celebration of Black August: Candle Magic  101
    Sun, Aug 27
    The Well
    In this course you will learn how candle magic works, what days of the week to do the work, how to clean, dress and activate a candle.
  • Living Funeral Experience
    Thu, Oct 26
    The Well
    The Living Funeral Experience (Ceremony) is a 2-hour guided meditation and memorial created to give participants a meaningful and transformative experience encouraging a celebration of life rather than a fear of death.
  • Do Your Lessons Love Your Students? Breaking Patterns
    Tue, Nov 14
    The Well
    Breaking Patterns is an entry point experience that guides participants through the introductory work of identifying, understanding, breaking and creating patterns.
  • A Sensual Embodiment Practice
    Sun, Dec 10
    The Well
    A mindful sensuality session. Learn techniques for self-contact studies, massage, and meditation.
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