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The Remedy 

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The National Black Food and Justice Alliance (NBFJA) is committed to advocating and supporting the well-being of those who have chosen to dedicate their lives to Black liberation as to see it through and to embody the future we are creating. The Umoja Transformation Council (UTC) is a governing body of the NBFJA that holds and promotes collective healing, self-preservation & wellness practices as well as responds to conflict and harm as it emerges.  The UTC oversees The Remedy, a live virtual wellness offering facilitated by Acorn Center for Restoration and Freedom to strengthen our connections using healing, arts, and spiritual justice practices. Through these offerings we invite participants to explore what it means to LIVE WELL & BE FREE! 

Any questions about The Remedy please contact the Care Curator, Naimah Efia at 

Our work is rooted in connecting our hearts and whole selves in creating political space together. Too often work is dominated by white normative ways of being that privilege only fragments of ourselves. We come to this work rooted in love, leading with our hearts, guided by our intellect, and standing on the shoulders of our ancestors’ wisdom. We create intentional space to allow for healing and the means to bring our full, whole, healthy selves into space working together.

Black Food and Justice Alliance, Community Agreements 

For NBFJA Alliance Members Only: Radical Care Wellness Reimbursements

Radical Care is a wellness reimbursement created for members of the Alliance as a means of not only self-preservation and healing, but as recognition for the necessity of consistent care so that the lived struggle is not only bearable but surmountable. Any questions about your Wellness Reimbursement please contact LeeAnn at

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