Early Bird Rate - $400 ($100/ month) - sign up until January 8, 2018 

Regular Price - $500 ($125/ month) 

Accelerator - $650 ($162.50/ month) - includes individual session with one of our coaches. 

*Monthly automatic payment plans are available.

Manifest Impact Coaching is a 90-Day group coaching program created for people of color interested in starting, evolving or strengthening their independent projects. The program will give you tools and resources to improve your sustainability, financial health and personal wellbeing. While Manifest Impact Coaching in suited for all types of people of color led work, we are especially targetting those focused on manifesting liberation as healing/arts justice practioners, creatives, social justice leaders, community organizers, facilitators, consultants and entreprenuers. As a member of the Manifest Impact Coaching program you will be provide with the opportunity to face 


  1. Feeling Worthy to Innovate  
  2. Building Visions and Reaching Goals  
  3. Leaping with Fear and Understanding Risk 
  4. Using Time Wisely and Managing Distraction
  5. Financial Sustainability and Talking Money 
  6. Adapting and Evolving with Change ​


Manifest Impact Coaching will launch the first round of Impact Circles February 5 - April 28, 2018. Each Impact Circle will have a maximum of 10 members who will engage in an interactive co-learning environment stewarded by our coaches. Using virtual tools- Facebook, Video Chats, and WhatsApp- participants will actively try on new skills, provide feedback to each other, and create a truly synergistic environment. 


Manifest Impact Coaching thrives off of volume! We recommend completing cycles with business partners, collective members and co-creators in your work to see the exponential benefit.



  • 6 Group Coaching Calls (2 hours each on saturdays from Feb - April 2018)

  • Using Practice Tools 

  • Participate in Virtual Community Building Space (What's App, FB Group, etc.) 

  • Pre/Post Reflection


  • Manifest Impact Coaching Tool-Kit

  • Reduced costs individual sessions with coaches to deepen your work. 

  • Access to network of Free Radicals to continue to help you evolve. 


Eb. Brown, MSW (he/they) is Black, Queer and has been innovating for over a decade as an educator, social worker, entreprenuer and creative space maker. Trained as a clinical social worker and somatic practioner, Eb. has been coaching Black, Indigenous and People of Color for the past 5 years to help their visions become reality. Launching Earthseed Strategies Coaching in 2015, Eb. worked with leaders such as Ignacio Rivera, Founder of the Heal Project and Trina Greene-Brown, Founder of Parenting for Liberation and many others to help expand their visions for liberation. (learn more)

"Impact coaching gets to the heart of the barriers and helps you make bold moves for the sake of freedom!"

Merlin Salamanca, MBA (she/her) is Latina, a daughter, a wife, and avid saver.  She has helped to bring financial principles to individuals that have felt marginalized from traditional financial services and financial knowledge. Upon realizing the financial hardship that her parents experienced with a long-standing credit card debt, she helped them to gain financial independence and pay off their debt within less than one year. Empowered with financial literacy, she has helped to balance large organizational budgets as well as provided financial advice to friends and family as they reach various stages in their lives. (learn more

"I want to use financial tools to help individuals that feel disconnected from traditional financial services and their own finances."

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